Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Truth is Out!

What we all knew to be true is finally out there for all to deal with. . .

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Katrina. . .THINK before you whine!

I've heard much too much whining about how "George Bush's" federal government did too little too late to help the victims of Katrina. Few have noted that it was only AFTER they were urged to a decision BY THE PRESIDENT that the mayor of N.O. in the company of the governor of LA ordered a mandatory evacuation. And still they failed to make provision for those who could not get out on their own. The mayor should have martialed all local resources to get EVERYONE out. He did not. The governor should have begun mobilizing the national guard BEFORE THE STORM STRUCK. She did not.

So now he's "pissed" at the federal response. Instead of deflecting blame to the federal government, and whining about how bad things are he should be LEADING his city. My guess is he's doing the best he can. Not good enough.

Update: Read this which reinforces what I suspected to be true of Mr. Nagin. Bill Hobbs is a better researcher than I am.

Update, again: Read this from a writer who is far mor articulate than I can ever hope to be. . .